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Chapter 1: Back to life

I met Josie a year ago while visiting my dad. But let’s start at the beginning cause visiting my dad is not quite accurate since I was basically send there as a punishment. With only five months left until I… Continue Reading →

Prolog: Back to life

It was a dark but calm night. A night, that changed the lives of these two brothers forever. The older one, probably just about old enough to have gotten his license recently is driving the blue sedan, singing along with… Continue Reading →

One of the hardest things in life…

There comes a time in our life where we have to decide whether to walk away or try harder. Our first intention is always fighting harder and harder (Depending on how much we want something or especially someone). But at… Continue Reading →

We don’t meet people by accident…

…they are meant to cross our path for a reason. I am usually a great believer that we don’t meet people just by accident but that they are meant to cross our path for a reason. So regardless if these… Continue Reading →

Every Jack finds his Jill but what if…

…your Jack or Jill is living on the other end of the world? It is weird. And I don’t really get it. Two people meet and from that moment on they are drawn to each other. After spending days/ weeks… Continue Reading →

My life is based on a true story…

All posts in the section The crazy thing called life are personal thoughts. They could be based on personal experiences, they could be fictive, imagined, far-fetched or exaggerated in some points. But that doesn’t make the¬†quintessence less real.

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